Top citizenship-by-investment programs anyone can benefit from

Always dreamt of moving abroad, but residency issues stopped you? Then we come bearing good news for you. You can buy a house and get citizenship in a foreign country in one go! Sounds weird? Actually, it is not.

These days many countries offer citizenship-by-investment programs to attract more capital into the real estate industry. Simply put, these programs enable you to become a citizen of a qualified country by investing in property. Moreover, they provide many other benefits to help you adapt to a new place. Are you wondering what those benefits are? Take a minute to find out. Below are listed top 4 countries with citizenship-by-investment options. Check them out and choose your own future abroad!
Countries where you can buy a property and get residency

Countries where you can buy a property and get residency


For the last decade, Armenia has developed into a growing economy, establishing its prominent position on the international market. This has made it an attractive and affordable second residence destination for those seeking to live abroad. Plus, real estate prices in Armenia are yet relatively low compared to other countries. By purchasing a house or investing in a company there, you can quickly get temporary residency with an option to acquire citizenship in a few years.

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is deemed to be one of the most coveted destinations for people looking to get citizenship by buying a property. Although the whole process is easy, real estate may be too expensive there. For example: to get permanent residency in Grand Cayman, you need to have an annual income of at least $145,000 and invest $600,000 in real estate. You can also consider qualifying for temporary residency which will cost you about $300,000. So, if you are not on a budget, buying property in the Cayman Islands is definitely a deal you want to benefit from.
Find the cheapest citizenship-by-investment program

This option is the quickest one. Every year thousands of people flock to Cyprus because it's one of the few countries where you can buy a house to get citizenship within one year! That said, better things cost more: you need to have a pretty penny to afford Cypriot citizenship. By numbers, you have to invest about €2 million in real estate or local business. Besides that, you are required to own a €500,000 home in the country to keep your passport. Although it's easy and hassle-free, getting the second residency in Cyprus is quite expensive.


If you are looking for the cheapest citizenship-by-investment program, Montenegro is your go-for option. The process of getting residency is quite simple here. All you need to do is get any property in Montenegro and apply for a one-year residence permit. The Montenegrin authorities are open to investors, allowing you to extend your 1-year permit to a permanent one if needed. The minimum for your purchase is as little as $30,000. It should be noted that getting citizenship by real estate investment in Montenegro is also among the easiest ways to do that. So, it's your call!


As the most expat-friendly country of South America, Chile provides flexible investment opportunities for those seeking to obtain permanent residency in the country. In fact, the Chilean investment program works differently from the ones in European countries: you invest in real property with the purpose to further rent it. This is necessary to demonstrate to the Chilean authorities that you have a stable passive income, sufficient to maintain your permanent residency in the country. Such a deal is quite beneficial because you do not only invest in your property but also have a consistent profit out of your purchase. Moreover, the purchase-sale deal in the Chilean real estate market will not take many of your efforts or funds. You can buy a property in Chile for prices twice as less than on the US real estate market with no tiresome paperwork!

If you are expecting a baby and considering moving abroad, you will make your life much easier once you come to Chile to have your little one delivered. Under Chilean nationality laws, a child born in the state automatically obtains Chilean citizenship. Moreover, as a parent of a Chilean citizen, your chances to get citizenship are high, too! Seize your opportunity and get all the benefits of giving birth in the most prosperous country of South America.
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