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Chilean and of your home country
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Why second citizenship from Chile?

  • More options for where your child can live, work, invest and retire when grown up.
  • Visa-free access to over 155 countries around the world, which again means more freedom.
  • All it takes is approximately two months spent on the ground and a few thousand dollars spent on travel and a private clinic.
  • Its legal! Chile does not restrict multiple citizenship and if you come from one of the anglosphere countries your country also does not restrict it.
  • Having a child in Chile entitles parents to apply for residency in Chile.
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Why give birth in Chile?

Chile is safe

Chile is the safest country in Latin America, and the second safest in the Western Hemisphere after Canada (according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). It is even safer than the USA when it comes to homicides.
Strong facts
Chile does not tax its citizens who do not live in the country. It is also one of two countries in the world to provide visa-free access to all G8 countries
Visa-free entry
Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans, etc. can enter Chile for up to 180 days without a visa. No questions to answer or fees to pay. (Australians need to pay a $100 reciprocity fee at the airport)
The 6th best passport in the world for travel
The Sovereign Man ranks Chilean passport as a travel document higher than American or Canadian
Visa-free to the entire world
Chile is the only country in Latin America that provides visa-free access to both the US and Canada in addition to the UK, European Union, Japan, Russia, etc.
Viña del Mar
The best conditions for pregnancy and childbirth
View of the city in the Pacific Ocean

Excellent conditions for pregnancy and birth

Ocean, sunbathing and vitamins
Fresh air, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean are awaiting you… Think California living, but much cheaper. Good health and a great mood are guaranteed for you and your baby.
Excellent maternity clinics
Quality of private clinics in Chile are North American-level, but much cheaper. And you are guaranteed to experience a very warm Latin attitude towards pregnant women and children in clinics and everywhere else.
Great prices in private clinics in Chile. Compare prices in maternity hospitals:
USA: 9,000 - 18,000 $
Canada: 9,000 - 14,000 $
Chile: as low as $5,500 (in a private clinic by the ocean).
Want your husband in a delivery room?

No problem - It is common in Chile for a husband to be in a room during a delivery

How good is Chilean passport really?

Compare it with some other countries
Want to have a natural birth?

We work with local experts specializing in natural birth and home birth. If you want to have a natural birth in the clinic or at home, we can help!

Everything you wanted to know about giving birth abroad but were afraid to ask

Every mother wants her child to grow up in wealth, get an excellent education and a good start in life. Take care of your baby's well-being before it is even born! Giving birth overseas can give your child foreign citizenship along with the right to live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world – Chile – and travel without limitations. The USA, Canada, Japan, countries of Latin America and Europe will all open their doors to your child, turning him or her into a true cosmopolitan.

How not to be afraid to give birth abroad?

Despite the obvious advantages, not every woman is willing to embark on such an adventure. The sole prospect of her child being born in a foreign country thousand miles away from her home already seems like a bad idea. However, we can assure you: there is nothing to be afraid of! Our experienced specialists have developed the ideal birth plan that includes providing 24/7 support to the mom-to-be not only in the delivery room but also at all doctor appointments prior to the birth.

We know how important it is that the mother remains calm throughout her pregnancy, so we take care of everything. Childbirth in Chile is a unique opportunity to have a stress-free pregnancy in sunny Latin America and give birth in a comfortable room overlooking the ocean. Take a chance - contact us today and book a ticket to the happy future for your child!

How to plan your baby's birth in Chile?

Childbirth is an extremely important event that requires thorough planning. We recommend deciding on the budget in advance and preparing foreign passports for both you and your companion. Unlike with the United States or Canada, citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Chile, so you do not have to go through an interview at the embassy and pay a fee. And even if visa is required, it's usually easy to get. Please note that many airlines do not sell tickets to women in their last trimester. Therefore, it is also important to properly plan your departure date.

How much does giving birth in Chile cost?

The price for giving birth abroad varies depending on the package that you choose. The price always includes the informational support in preparation for the departure, airport pick-up, transfer and assistance with accommodation, mobile and Internet connection, touring clinics, assistance in signing a contract with one of them as well as obtaining a temporary resident visa for the mother and the citizenship and Chilean documents for the newborn. In addition, we will help you prepare the documents for your child in your home country, and round-the-clock telephone support.

The key to choosing the right package lies not only in the budget planning but also in making sure it fits all your requirements. The optimal option is the Comfort package. It is the best fit for those who want to receive high-quality services and save as much money as possible at the same time. For just $3,800, we will help you prepare for the childbirth, learn the language, and shop for the baby. By choosing this package, the mom-to-be will be able to save 50% on rent in Chile, and so much more!

We also offer a more expensive Premium+ package for VIP moms. In addition to everything mentioned above, it also includes a personal driver, excursions, language courses, a photo session, and even shooting a documentary about your stay in Chile.

And to the advanced moms who speak Spanish and don't need English-speaking specialists to accompany them everywhere, we offer the Basic package. We do not recommend to opt for it if this is your first experience of giving birth abroad.

Chile citizenship by birth

Do not miss the opportunity to give your child the world! Plan your delivery abroad, and your baby will receive Chilean citizenship by birth without any obstacles. Chilean citizenship is based primarily upon the principles of jus soli (right of the soil) and jus sanguinis (right of blood). According to the local law, all children born in the country automatically receive a Chilean passport. In European countries, an immigrants' child is not entitled to citizenship, and in the United States and Canada, he or she can only receive it after reaching a certain age. Also, when it comes to the European countries, the cost of giving birth abroad can reach up to $30,000 even though the level of qualification of European obstetricians is in no way superior to the Chilean ones. Make the right choice and turn your child's birth into an exciting adventure with our team of professionals!
Choose an appropriate package
12500 $
  • All options of COMFORT package +
  • Extended concierge service for solving non-standard issues

    Individual transfer for 20 hours to appointments with a doctors, for paperwork, shopping and other matters

    Additional 20 hours of accompanying and support of our translator for any questions

    Three sightseeing tours by a guide

    Return transfer to the airport
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  • Our most exclusive package + individual approach
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2900 $
Consider BASIC package only if you speak Spanish

Chilean documents in 10 days

Birth certificate, ID Cedula, Passport of Chile

Information support during your stay in Chile on the questions related to Chilean documents and citizenship for newborn

Apostille for birth certificate

Translating to English the Chilean birth certificate of newborn and apostille

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For advanced Spanish spearkers only
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Support begins even before your arrival

And we do everything so that you feel the protection and assistance in a foreigh country 24/7
What do customers our say
To say that you helped us… is to say nothing. You provided competent advice, timely communication, thoughtful service and, of course, a warm human attitude towards us.
Chileans are very kind and sincere people. The doctor always treated me like a best friend. Medical staff spoke English. And we lived on the 24th floor overlooking the ocean. The birth itself went the way I dreamed about, and all paperwork took a very short time. Chilekids constantly helped us. Without them, such chores as renting an apartment, communicating in the clinic, or doing necessary paperwork would be very, very difficult! We also traveled a lot. We visited an observatory, wineries, nature reserves, and thermal springs. While still pregnant we drove around 3,000 kilometers in a rental car. Sometimes it seemed to me it was a fairy tale I did not want to leave. We even stopped in Lima, Peru on the way home.
Thank you, Lilia and Natasha, for your invaluable help in preparing for my ideal childbirth! ❤ It was awesome! My son was born in February 2017, and the girls generously shared their experience and knowledge with me. Because of their advice, I chose natural childbirth (vertically) in Limache, Chile. I will start preparing for the next pregnancy now.
We spoke several times over the phone, and finally, I decided to come. I gave birth in the private clinic, in an ocean-view delivery room. And thanks to a wonderful midwife and my doctor, I had a natural birth.
Natalya Grigoryan
As a teenager, I was always very curious about how a baby delivery process happens in other countries. Now, I know ))) Everything went fine. I spend 3 amazing months near the ocean, gave birth in a modern hospital, and my child received two passports. I want to thank you again for your help!
Galya Valeeva
We lacked courage, but you helped us decide to give birth abroad. Thank you very much!
Christina and Max
Complement your visit and indulge yourself

By traveling to unique places - ever dreamed of going to Easter Island or visiting a thermal spring on the side of a volcano?
By taking Spanish courses. By doing photo sessions before and after the birth. And much, much more.
Questions & Answers
  • Question: Does Chile allow to have two citizenship?
    Answer: Yes, two citizenship is allowed in Chile without any restrictions. If you receive a Chilean passport, Chile does not require you to give up your existing citizenship. Even more, one of the newborns received three nationalities (Chilean and of each parent) with our help.
  • Question: How long does it take to make citizenship and passport for a child?
    Answer: Chilean citizenship is issued upon receipt of a birth certificate. The certificate can be obtained at the registry office (Registro Civil) in a few minutes. And it takes 8 working days to get a Chilean passport.
  • Question: What are the advantages of a Chile passport?
    Answer: Chilean passport allows to visit visa-free the United States, Canada, the UK, Japan, the European Union (Schengen), Russia and many more. According to Sovereign Man passport index, Chilean passport is the 6th best in the world - better than American or Canadian. Chilean citizen can also freely move to any country of South America to work, live or study due to Mercosur – a free-trade agreement alliance of South American countries.
  • Question: How advanced are clinics and how professional are doctors in Chile?
    You will likely be pleasantly surprised. In Chile, doctors are highly qualified, and private clinics are of excellent quality. For example, many doctors in Clinica Alemana (in Santiago) and in Clinica Ciudad del Mar (in Vina del Mar) studied in the States and Europe and are fluent in English. And local private clinics combine European order and Latin American friendliness.
  • Question: I do not speak Spanish. How to communicate with people?
    Answer: The official language in Chile is Spanish, but many private clinics have English-speaking staff. Also, we will accompany you when you will be dealing with the documents related to citizenship. Additionally, the "COMFORT" and "PREMIUM" packages include full support when renting a place to live, during doctor's visits, and at the child delivery. If you will need even more support, we will help you contract a professional entrepreneur.
Our help is all-encompassing

We will help you in every aspect of your stay in Chile: from how to fill the customs declaration form correctly at your arrival, accompanying you during the delivery and to obtaining your child's Chilean citizenship
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