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Open up new opportunities for your baby by getting him/her dual citizenship

Have you ever wondered how your birthplace defined your social background and shaped your personality? Whether you feel happy about it or not, you cannot choose the place to be born. However, if you are an expectant mother, you can select the birthplace for your baby and ensure a bunch of opportunities for him or her. There are 35 countries in the world that practice the right of the soil. It means that your child can get dual citizenship by birth if you deliver him/her in one of these countries. The most popular destinations for birth tourism are Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, and Barbados. However, each of these countries has its own regulations for obtaining dual citizenship, so you should conduct comprehensive research to make the right decision.
Obtaining dual citizenship

What are the advantages of holding dual citizenship?

Having dual citizenship, you are technically a national of two countries. It means you can enjoy all the rights ensured to you by the governments of the states. For instance, you may get access to social service systems, travel without visa restrictions, vote and enjoy employment in both qualified countries. What is more, you can keep in touch with your family members who live in a distant corner of the world as well as enjoy all the political guarantees you are entitled to as a citizen of both states. No need to apply for long-staying visas or get special work permits; all the following benefits are ensured by the Constitution of both countries. Still not enough for you to apply for a second passport immediately? Check the full list of advantages of dual citizenship you may get.

Freedom of movement

With dual citizenship, a person can easily cross the borders of any qualified countries. A passport gives a right of entry, which is not allowed by a long-stay visa or a work permit. Being free to travel between both countries significantly helps those who live and work in one country and have their families in the other. You can pack and leave one state at any time, having peace of mind you will enter another one and stay there as long as you need.

Right to own property in both countries

Another benefit of dual citizenship is being able to maintain property ownership in two states simultaneously. Under the laws of many European countries, you are only entitled to own property if you are a citizen of the state in question. Having dual nationality, you can legitimately purchase real estate, pay taxes and enjoy legislative protection of your rights in both states. It is the best option for die-hard travelers, who do not want to stay in one country for a long time. Having a property in two states is a beneficial way to save your budget from spending on hotel rents every time you travel to one of your nationality countries.

Family reunification

You can get dual citizenship in two ways – by being born in the country or "inheriting" nationality from your parents. Your birth state should equally tolerate these two approaches in order to provide you with dual citizenship. Thus, it is very helpful if you deliver your child in one country while holding the nationality of another. It helps to bring families together. Imagine, a person born in Spain, having U.S. family, being refused entry to the country because of the immigrant formalities. Without dual citizenship, a situation like this is highly possible in real life.

Social and political rights

Being a citizen of two countries, you can enjoy the whole spectrum of political rights and social benefits, guaranteed by the laws of your citizen-states. You can engage in the public life of both countries and thus influence the decisions of local and national authorities. Besides that, you are also entitled to all social benefits, including health care, education, and social services.

Business opportunities

Another perk of dual citizenship is that you can enjoy business opportunities that are open for citizens of both states. Some countries impose legislative restrictions for immigrants, but having dual citizenship, you can set up your business or invest in existing companies without any restrictions.

Double taxation – the main disadvantage of dual citizenship

As for the drawbacks of dual citizenship, taxation is the first one that springs to mind. Indeed, this is a usual practice that the laws of both qualified countries require their citizens to pay taxes on income. Moreover, there are some countries like the U.S. that impose taxation on the income earned abroad. However, if you want to avoid this problem, you can deliver your child in a country where tax laws do not cover worldwide income. In this sense, Chile is a perfect option!
Provide your child with dual citizenship
Economically advanced, Chile only imposes taxes on the income gained within the country. Thus, delivering your baby in Chile, you provide him/her with all the benefits of Chilean passport and no worldwide income taxation. Besides that, with the Chilean passport, you can travel visa-free to more than 155 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia and the countries of the European Union. As a parent of a Chilean child, you can apply for permanent residence in Chile and never be apart from your newborn. All of these perks make Chile a perfect option for expectant mothers who aim to give their children dual citizenship with a bunch of amazing benefits. So if you are pending birth of a child, why not give him/her all the benefits of dual citizenship in the most prosperous country of South America? Deliver in Chile and open up a bunch of opportunities for your baby!
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