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Why giving birth in the UAE is not a good idea if you are single

Giving birth in the UAE
When it comes to choosing a country to give birth in, moms-to-be usually opt for destinations with high-quality health care, profound expertise of doctors and reasonable costs. Although the United Arab Emirates matches all these criteria, there are some issues to look out for. If you are planning on giving birth in Dubai (as a not married woman), read about the main points you should take into account before doing that.

This is not only about the prohibition of unmarried pregnancy in the UAE

Conservative Muslim views on marriage and maternity prohibit intercourses out of wedlock, to say nothing of falling pregnant while unmarried. To ensure your child will get a birth file in an Emirati birthing center, you need to provide an attested marriage certificate confirming your marital status with your husband. So, if you believe that marriage is not your cup of tea, giving birth in the UAE is a no-go option for you.

You cannot get UAE citizenship by birth

Being a citizen of the UAE brings its advantages, like government benefits and tax breaks. However, if you are wondering how to get UAE citizenship for your baby, you're better off getting familiar with the letter of the law in this country. The thing is that you cannot expect to be granted citizenship by birth there. The only way you can acquire it is by living in the UAE for 7 years (10 years in a childfree marriage) and having at least one child with an Emirati.

So, think twice about how to get a UAE passport because giving birth in the country is unlikely to help you with that.

Plenty of paperwork to get citizenship for a child born in the UAE

The UAE is synonymous with a big deal of paperwork. Once your baby is born, he/she gets a birth certificate in Arabic. This means you will have to get it translated into your native language. Moreover, if you intend to reside in Dubai or any other emirate, you need to get legal residency status, which involves a lot of fuss. The level of bureaucracy is extremely high in the country, and this goes not only for obtaining Emirati citizenship.

Give birth in Chile and ensure a brighter future for your child

A woman has given birth in Chile
No doubt, the UAE may seem like a perfect place to deliver a baby, albeit it is not an option if you are unmarried. But if you are still determined to give birth abroad, consider going to a country where you will face no restrictions and troubles – Chile! Here is a range of reasons why it is deemed to be the perfect place of birth for your little one:

  • Giving birth in an unmarried status is legal in Chile
  • You do not have to worry about how to get a Chilean passport for your child because citizenship is granted by birth
  • As a parent of Chilean, you can also apply for Chilean citizenship by naturalization
  • Your child can enjoy dual citizenship legally

By bringing your baby into the world in Chile, you will get more comfort and safety for yourself and your child than in the UAE. What is more, a Chilean passport comes with a lot of perks, such as visa-free traveling to over 155 countries around the world. Opt for Chile as a destination for your childbirth and rest assured your little one will be thankful to you someday!
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