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Citizenship of Argentina and Chile: Pros and cons

Argentina citizenship
Premium health care, great education opportunities, and high quality of life – these are the main factors that encourage modern women to have their babies abroad. Globalization makes it easier to become a true cosmopolitan, while the second passport offers additional security – should anything alarming happen in your homeland, you and your family are always welcome to start a new life abroad.
The most popular countries for birth tourism are those that recognize birthright citizenship. There are more than 30 of them around the world, and Chile and Argentina are at the top of this rating. Why? Because both of these countries not only recognize jus soli (right of the soil) but also make it easier for the parents to obtain residency and one day become the rightful citizens. Let us look a little more closely at the similarities and differences of getting citizenship in Argentina and Chile to see which country is the best destination for birth tourism today.
How to get citizenship in Argentina

How to become an Argentine citizen?

Most people acquire citizenship by descent or naturalization. However, if you do not have any relatives in Argentina or a job that allows you to live on its territory, your best chance of getting Argentine citizenship is by giving birth there. In this case, your newborn baby will automatically get the local passport, and you will have a right to immediately apply for permanent residency with a chance of becoming a resident yourself in 2 years. One of the main benefits of Argentine citizenship is that it takes just a couple of years to acquire. Whereas, in Chile, you need five years of continuous residency to apply for citizenship. For this reason, a lot of women decide in favor of Argentina. However, faster does not necessarily mean better.
Getting Argentine citizenship

Chilean and Argentine citizenship by birth

  • Cost
The average price of delivery in Argentinian private clinic is around $4,000, but any complications like a C-section, for example, will cost your roughly another $1,000. Chilean doctors charge less for cesarean delivery, and the average birth package with C-section costs $4,500. This includes all the doctor's appointments prior and after the birth.

  • Medical care
Argentina is famous for its prenatal care and warm attitude towards pregnant women and children. State hospitals do not charge even expats who want to get Argentine citizenship for their baby. But the good impression of cheap services may be darkened by poor conditions. Most hospitals are in old buildings with tiny laboring rooms and long lines of patients. Hospitals in Chile look much nicer and are fully-equipped with the latest technologies. Moreover, here you can find an English-speaking doctor unlike in Argentina where the medical staff mostly speaks only Spanish.

  • Passport
Unlike Chileans, Argentine passport holders cannot access the U.S. and Canada visa-free. Chilean passport is the 13h most sought-after in the world. With it, you can enter 174 countries visa-free, including all G8 countries. Chilean passport is the strongest in Latin America.

Now you know how to get citizenship in Argentina and in Chile for your baby and yourself. But the question is: what country should you really choose to do that? Yes, Argentine citizenship for parents is faster to obtain, but think about all the opportunities your child is going to miss out on with a weaker Argentine passport. Contact us for more information on giving birth in Chile and Argentina at an affordable price. Give your child the world!
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